December 2017: second annual partners project meeting for LANDSLIP

Debris flow, Nilgiris, India

From 11–15 December 2017 the project partners will meet in Coimbatore (India) to discuss progress and further activities. A one-day field visit to some landslides in Nilgiris is planned. Furthermore, a stakeholder meeting is organised for the last part of the visit. Existing early warning systems in India and the experiences and needs of end-users will be discussed.

October 2017: visit from the Geological Survey of India to BGS Keyworth

Colleagues from the Geological Survey of India (GSI) visiting the BGS

From 02 October until 03 November 2017 four colleagues from the Geological Survey of India (GSI) visited the BGS dead office in Keyworth (UK). The main purpose was to enable a two-way flow of data, information and knowledge to enable collaborative research in the fields of earth sciences, mineral prospecting and disaster management.

During this visit the colleagues from GSI got an overview of the work and research of the BGS. This included also some training sessions and a one-week field trip to Scotland. During different presentations and discussions, the Indian representatives reported on their landslide work in Darjeeling and Nilgiris. Existing landslide susceptibility maps and procedures were presented and discussed.

October 2017: NERC SHEAR LANDSLIP WP3/4 meeting

WP 3 and 4 team meeting

From 19–20 October 2017 members from the work packages 3 and 4 met at the BGS in Keyworth and discussed the current state of work and research. Main focuses were existing data and GIS-files for the two study areas, forecasting methodologies, and weather regimes. Different methodologies about landslide susceptibility and early warning from GSI India, BGS and CNR were discussed.

Further steps and works were discussed and different activities were planned.

January 2017: kick-off meeting in India

LANDSLIP kick-off meeting consortium members

From 09–25 January 2017, 31 LANDSLIP investigators from nine organisations in India, UK and Italy met in India to discuss the base elements for the project and other project planning activities, including presentations from all work packages.

In addition to the consortium meeting, stakeholder meetings and workshops were held Nilgiris, New Delhi and Darjeeling. Stakeholder and end-user relevant information and needs were discussed.

One field trip to the Darjeeling area and one to Nilgiris were undertaken, and helped the European project partners to gain insight into these two landslide areas.

Discussions at the kick-off meeting
Partners during the field trip in Darjeeling